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Returning To Oz? Don’t Forget Your Dog!

Pre-Import And Quarantine Procedures For Pets Arriving In Australia

If you’re planning on travelling to Australia with your dog, then it’s important to visit your vet at least 7 months before travel.

With Theresa May tightening migration policies, many Australians are returning home in a bid for a better quality of life and higher salaries. A move back to the other side of the world is always going to be huge, especially if you’ve been in the UK for a while. Saying goodbye to friends is one thing, but if you’ve had a pet during your time here, it’s important not to break that bond. Dogs in particular are extremely attached to their owners and are simply devastated if they’re left behind. Instead of considering rehoming your dog, why not take it back to Australia with you? It’s much simpler than you would think.


When your pet arrives in Australia, they’ll need to be quarantined for a standard 10 days as the UK is a Category C country. This period of time has been recently reduced from the previous 30 days, and it’s fantastic to see pets and their owners reunited much quicker. It’s worth noting that Australia’s only post entry quarantine facility is located in Melbourne, Victoria. Therefore, if you are planning on travelling to another part of the country, you might need to stay in Melbourne to pick up your dog before continuing the rest of your journey.

Pre-Import Preparation

If you are planning on returning to Australia from the UK, it’s important that you don’t do so at short notice. The preparation to take your dog with you begins about 7-9 months in advance and starts with a trip to your vet. The first thing you will need to do is to get your dog microchipped, but you will also need a series of pre-shipment work to be carried out, such as parasite treatments, blood tests and acquiring a DEFRA Export Health certificate.

Deciding How To Travel

Many dog owners like to think that they’re travelling ‘with’ their pet, even if they’re not physically sat together on the flight. Animals are never permitted inside the cabin and are kept in special travel kennels in the hold of the aircraft. As your dog will be going straight off to quarantine on landing, you won’t be able to meet with him or her beforehand, so there’s little reason to fly together.

It is advised that passengers have their dog travel a day or two before they fly. This allows you to have enough time to deal with dropping off your dog at the cargo area of the airport, which is not usually located in the passenger terminal. In case of delays during this handover, a lot of stress can be avoided if this takes places on a separate day and you’re not worried about missing your own flight, or dragging your own luggage around as well as the animal crate.

The Australian Government’s Departure of Agriculture and Water Resources has a lot of information for those who want to bring their dogs and cats to Australia. But if you are finding the process at all overwhelming, then it is best to outsource the responsibility to a pet relocation firm who can take away some of the stress while you deal with wrapping up any loose ends in the UK and planning your farewell party. Get started on your pet relocation plans sooner rather than later, so you can be reunited with your furry friend in Oz asap.