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The Rise and Rise of Corporate Entertainment

Investing In The Happiness of Your Team

Corporate entertainment is an industry that’s just kept growing and growing in recent years.

Companies are keener to outdo their rivals than ever, and one of the most effective ways of doing this is to show their staff and clients how much they value them. It’s no surprise then, that corporate entertainment is big business. Over the past decade, companies have been going bigger and bolder with their yearly celebrations, and often call on an experienced events company to give them a hand. Here’s why the corporate entertainment industry has continued to grow, even in the most challenging economic climates.

Showing staff they are valued

Corporate entertainment is a very modern phenomenon. For many people, a staff party used to be a no-frills trip to the pub or a meal at a local restaurant. Now though, companies are keen to show how much they’re willing to invest in the happiness of their workforce. Treating your staff well isn’t just an excuse to have a party though. By doing this, bosses will inspire an immediate pick-up in productivity in the short term, and a deep loyalty to the company in the long term. So it’s a smart thing to splash out on!

An event for everyone

There are so many different kinds of team building events for employers to choose from. There will be some that workers will have encountered before, such as pub quizzes and treasure hunts. They’re the perfect kind of events for a company trying their hand at team building for the first time, or those who are sceptical about its benefits. For the more adventurous company leaders though, the options are endless. Baking competitions, casino evenings and even a Crystal Maze experience are all things that you can gather your team to take part in.

Boosting client relationships

The benefits of corporate entertainment have been proven. There’s no faking a genuine emotional connection, and yet sadly that’s something that can often be neglected in business. Corporate events don’t just boost the mood in the workplace – they boost client relationships too. When you don’t see someone every day it can be hard to maintain a connection. A well thought out event can really make the difference. A recent survey found that over 80% of senior business managers thought that corporate events strengthened personal relationships with their clients. There’s no arguing with those numbers.

Think big

So why not think outside the box for your next corporate event? It’s been proven that pushing the envelope has real benefits, so don’t settle for an end of year meal or some hastily arranged drinks. Your clients and your staff have been boosting the fortunes of your company all year, and it’s only right that you lay on some first class corporate entertainment. That’s what’s propelled the industry in recent years – bosses are keen to show that they care about their team.

The industry has never been in better shape

It may be too late to arrange some great corporate entertainment for this year’s winter festivities, but why not make it your New Year’s resolution to arrange something for 2018? Adding some regular events to your company schedule will ensure that you have a happy, hard working team from January to December.